Worship and Music


Sunday worship is our centre,where we seek to combine the best elements of traditional and contemporary worship and music. Browse our site to learn about our service to each other,to our community,and to our world.

Sunday Worship:11:00 AM
Music at Melville

Music plays an integral part in our worship service. Our choirs enrich our worship with meaningful praise; our hymns, both old and new tell in song the messages of our faith; our sung responses provide each of the Melville worshippers with a voice in the service.

  •  The Senior Choir

Every Sunday our worship is enhanced by the contribution of our senior choir. Under the leadership of talented musical director, Matthias Schmidt, Melville’s senior choir sings a wide variety of faith music that puts words to our beliefs and inspires our faith. The congregation appreciates very much the music provided by our senior choir and their faithful efforts to lead us in worship and enrich our services.

  •  The Band

A small group of teens and other ages share their faith and love of music by introducing contemporary Christian music to Melville’s worship once or twice a month. The Band is always looking for suggestions and new songs to sing or play on guitar and piano.

  •  Junior Choir

Melville Junior choir, made up of children 5 years and older, learn music to perform occasionally during our worship service. During choir practice the children are engaged in musical activities, use instruments and play games that teach them about rhythm and breath control. They are guided in finding their ‘singing voice’ to enable them to sing musically.

It’s a treat for all when the junior choir sings for the congregation.