Youth and Family Programs


This is a group for young people in grades 5 through 8.  They meet on the first Sunday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

Some comments from current “BANANAS” group:

 Bananas is an awesome group that happens the first Sunday of the month. It’s a time where I get to hang out and have fun with my friends. At the same time [we’re] learning about Jesus and things we can do to help with difficulties around the world. During Bananas we usually play different games sometimes on teams and sometimes alone, the game we play the most is Sardines. It’s really fun! We have a delicious snack in the middle, after snack we do learning and a couple more games. We go on field trips to other churches and other places. We usually go to Elora United Church.  We have even been to Canada’s Wonderland. Bananas is really fun and I’m glad I’m part of it!


Bananas is a group of kids in Grades 5-8. It’s all about learning spiritual practice through fun and games.  Sometimes we go to Elora UC and play games. At the end of every “session” we have a snack and a game (or two) of sardines.  What are sardines? Come and find out!     


It is about spending time with friends, playing really, really fun games, learning more about God, doing cool crafts, and  learning new ways to be a follower of God



This group is for young people from grade 7 up.

A group of interested youth participates in a variety of social justice projects throughout the year.  Two examples are:  the 30 Hour Famine and Shanty Town.


This is a program available to young people from grade 8 and up.  They meet on selected dates throughout the year.  These young people explore the question “What Is This Faith All About?”  Some participants may choose to become members of the United Church through confirmation at the conclusion of the year but this is not a necessary condition for participation.

Anyone  interested in Bananas, MC2 and / or Faith Explored, please email

P.E.W. (Play Eat Worship)

These evenings provide an opportunity for families to gather, socialize and worship together.